Vision Name for Service - “The Table”

Biblical Principle:

Back in the time of Jesus, the Jewish people would gather in meeting places (many times when you read Scripture and see the term “Synagogue” this is what is being talked about). When they would gather, the leader of the gathering would read Scripture from the scrolls they had on hand (pre-printing press so there weren’t many copies in existence, so they were kept and read at the meeting places). After it was read, someone would stand up and give an interpretation of what the Scripture meant for them at that time. (When you read stories of Jesus giving an interpretation of Scripture after reading and saying that it had been fulfilled in him or in their hearing...this is the scene)

This action was a community event. The community was constantly seeing the “life” of scripture unfolding and what it meant for their daily life. This is one of the things I hope to recapture with this service.

Real Life Principle:

When I was in college, one of my dorm mates was from Orange City and his family would invite many of us over to their house for Sunday Dinner after everyone went to their various churches. My friend's father had a business in a neighboring town which was actually the home of our college rivals (Dordt College), so he would invite some of those students to join us. There were some regulars, but there were also new people each and every week.

We (12-16 people) would gather around their table and have a meal. As food was dished out, my friend's dad, Allen, would share a story to spark a conversation that would be the basis of our dinner meal. It was amazing to learn some people's perspectives and to be challenged in your thoughts with each new conversation week-to-week. Gathered around the table were college rivals, republicans, democrats, men, diverse as northwest Iowa could get, and it was fascinating to see barriers break down as people conversed and shared their perspectives and stories.

However, the conversation didn’t end at the table. Many times the conversation would continue as people moved to the living room. As I look back, I think it was very much a modern-esque experience of those meeting place meetings of biblical times.

The Inspiration:

The Table will be a place where we worship and create our take on the biblical experience of the synagogue within worship. Below is the basic outline of the service:

Welcome (done by worship leader)
Song #1
Song #2
Song #3 (after song #3 finishes children released for children’s church if desired by family)
Weekly Announcements Video (video made weekly and done by various members of congregation/worship service)
Scripture (read by a layperson)
Message (10-15 minutes)
Conversation/Coffee Time (conversation spark displayed on the screen with an invitation for people to grab a coffee and meet someone new....runs about 10 minutes)
Q&A Thoughts (time for people to ask questions or share thoughts on message with speaker responding to questions...runs about 10 minutes)
Song #4

There will be adaptations when there is a baptism or holy communion (song #2 would be eliminated).

Week 1 - Holy Communion w/Sermon Series Message #1

Week 2 - Sermon Series Message #2
Week 3 - Sermon Series Message #3
Week 4/5 - “Potluck Sunday”

Potluck Sunday would be a Sunday where everyone brings a dish to share for a meal after worship is over, but would also be a reality within worship. Instead of the usual “speaker” message, we would have a time to ask questions, share thoughts and reflections on the messages of the sermon series....basically it would be the embodiment of the old synagogue reality. This will be what the community makes it; just like a potluck there may be times where we all just have more questions (like a potluck where everyone brings a dessert and there is no main course) but sometimes someone might share an experience that was inspired by what they heard or how they have changed their thought from some of the messages, etc.

Even if you aren't going to be a part of the new service, please continue to support the church endeavor with your prayers as we continue our work to connect with the not-yet church.

Help spread the word by sharing with friends and strangers alike and inviting them to join us. You can also help by liking the Facebook Page and sharing the Facebook Event page!  As always your biggest support is to pray.


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